• Environmental impact assessment is published

    Posted by:Nov  10,  2018

    Zhejiang kuangdi industry and trade co., LTD. Has an annual output of 20 million thermos cups and glasses production line technical transformation project environmental impact assessment is published...

  • Teach you how to choose the correct thermos

    Posted by:Nov  10,  2018

    Compared with previous years, the abnormal climate and large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor this winter make the human body's demand for "water" more urgent. Do you know the right way to drink water in this dry and cold climate? How much water is there? What kind of thermos should...

  • Make tea without hot water or a thermos

    Posted by:Nov  10,  2018

    If tea used to be a culture, now it has become part of our diet and is becoming more and more beloved by young people, making it a fashionable culture....

  • Fashion recommendation: cartoon fashion thermos kettle.

    Posted by:Nov  10,  2018

    You know what? The kettle is the children's indispensable life partner, it is everywhere supporting the children's every aspect of life. Nowadays, with the weather easing day by day, parents can't help but forget the role of the thermos, which can also keep you warm in spring....